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Django Channels

Posted by Ignacio Duran

What is “Django Channels” and why should it be used?

Django Channels is a way to include WebSockets and HTTP2 to your Django servers, and extend its basic functionalities. It allows frontend code to receive notifications either when data changes or an event triggers on the backend, without forcing the frontend to ask continually and periodically for updates to the backend. Django Channels also makes it possible for the server to run code after a response is sent to the user, allowing for quicker responses and easier data management.

The basic WebSocket functionality works in three steps. First the client ...

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Docker's documentation

Posted by Diego Insua

What is Docker?

Docker is a service that allows you to pack everything an application’s server needs for deployment to ensure that it always runs on the same environment, regardless of the OS where it is installed. 

How does it work?

The data is stored on “containers” which run directly on the kernel of the Docker engine, making it more efficient than a normal virtual machine. On a container you can save everything that can be installed on a server, such as code, system tools and services, databases, libraries, etc.

A container has two main parts: the image and ...

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How to configure a server with nginx, gunicorn and supervisor.

To deploy a Django project on a production server it is needed a proper environment which manages the http requests. It should be powerful enough to handle a lot of connections at the same time, but it should have a good performance. Also, if it's possible, it should be easy to install and configure.

The first thing you need to do is configure the http server which afterwards redirects to the Django framework. For this you have different tools you can employ. In this tutorial we will be explaining how to use gunicorn and nginx. They are easy to configure and highly ...

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