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Articles by Ignacio Duran

iOS UI best practices

Posted by Ignacio Duran

Apple always has, through every one of its systems and platforms, made a major focus on interface design and user experience, and its users have come to expect it. So, if you want your Apps to succeed in the App Store or just make a great iOS App in general, this definitely is one of the key areas to concentrate on. Luckily, Apple has provided some general guidelines on how to design a good interface, and here we will go over the most important of them and provide some examples at the end to complete this post. Everything goes with ...

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Mobile best practices

Posted by Ignacio Duran

The mobile development area is one that grows stronger and stronger each day. As such, many different applications have appeared on the mobile stores, and many others are requested by different corporations. This creates a wide variety of styles, ways of use, and general functionality of the different applications. But no matter what type of App you are making and for what purpose, there are some practices that any mobile App should follow or at least consider.

Audience and platform standards

When starting a project a mobile developer needs to consider the following questions: “Who am I developing for?” ...

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Django Channels

Posted by Ignacio Duran

What is “Django Channels” and why should it be used?

Django Channels is a way to include WebSockets and HTTP2 to your Django servers, and extend its basic functionalities. It allows frontend code to receive notifications either when data changes or an event triggers on the backend, without forcing the frontend to ask continually and periodically for updates to the backend. Django Channels also makes it possible for the server to run code after a response is sent to the user, allowing for quicker responses and easier data management.

The basic WebSocket functionality works in three steps. First the client ...

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