We tackle the hard problems, developing state-of-the-art quality applications for global markets.
We are a team of highly experienced, professional software developers with offices in New York, Israel and Uruguay.
Innuy is a Company founded by a powerful team of engineers with a burning thirst for knowledge combined with a strong focus on superior customer service.
We are focused on building trusting relationships with our customers, through the development of sophisticated and intuitive applications for a Big Data world.
Our team consists of engineers, designers and geeks, who have many years of experience in software development.
We specialize in Python/Django Full Stack Development, Cloud Solutions, Big Data and Mobile Apps.
We are located in the United States, Israel and Uruguay (HQ).

Python Professional Development

Is our passion and our life. We simply love it. Using Agile methodologies and plenty expertise in full-stack web solutions, you’ll consider us as an extension of your team, prepared to build your MVP or full development as you'd never imagine it.

Django Flask Web Crawlers

JavaScript Professional Development

Want to give your users an amazing experience? Using cutting-edge techs like AngularJS and node.js our team will help you building rich interaction apps that looks beautiful and in the same time lightweight and efficient, ready for a very intensive & real-time environments.

AngularJS Backbone NodeJS

DevOps as a Service

Our team will ensure quality strategy, architecture, configuration and integration of staging, pre-production, and production environments. The DevOps team can also provide 24/7 monitoring of automated infrastructure provisioning tools, continuous integration tools & delivery of your manual or automated software deployments with the most secure infrastructure providers globally.

High Availability Solutions

Are you ready for millions of visitors? We can help you in the design & implementation of solutions that will guarantee a high-availability, low latency, and always ready to process all volumes of information you may generate.

Amazon Web Services MongoDB Redis CouchDB

Mobile Professional Development

Our team can help you bring your dream app to life, natively for both Android (Java) and IOS (Swift). We can build unique solutions, focusing on the UX/UI aspects that hamper many other mobile applications, unifying and simplifying the user experience for cross-platform applications.

Cloud Services

Our team can help you design and build cloud architectures in AWS and Google Cloud Platforms, for small and large business that need a flexible, secure, on-demand, highly scalable, low-cost Plarform as a Service solution.

Machine Learning

Do you want more insights about your business? Our engineers will help you with mathematical solutions that will learn about the underlying patterns and relationships of your raw data, in order to discover new useful information. As your data grow, the solution will become better and better.

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